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Global Women in Tech Program

The Global Women in Technology program is our commitment towards erasing the geographic, gender, and cultural barriers that have historically kept women out of industry. Innovation does not happen in isolation and this immersive conference gives women around the world access to other women with experience in building and running companies in a way that most likely doesn’t exist in their home country. Not only do these connections bring them closer to the capital and global markets, it creates an environment where they have access to ideas and different points of view. Innovation and entrepreneurship is a hands-on experience. The interesting things happen when people are given the space to bounce ideas off one another.

Part of the strength of Silicon Valley is that discussion and the open sharing of ideas is ingrained in the culture. For example, grabbing your morning beverage at the local coffee bar, you hear people discussing and refining their ideas with their friends, while the barista gives their opinion as well; everybody shares their ideas. What women are lacking in many areas of the world is access to those types of discussion with those who have world class skills and knowledge regarding invention and innovation.


By bringing women to Silicon Valley we hope that not only will they have exchanged ideas with one another, but they will have built relationships on which they can lean on when they return home. 

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