David Smith, Chairman

David is the Managing Director of US Operations for FirstCapital

FirstCapital is a London-based, international investment bank which has been successfully providing mergers and acquisitions, private equity and growth capital advice to high growth technology companies since 1999. 

With offices in London and Silicon Valley, its portfolio of clients has rapidly expanded alongside our reputation for delivering exceptional deals based on industry knowledge; insightful advice; and an extensive global network.

Joanne Horning

Joanne is Founder, CEO and Executive Director San Francisco Chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Joanne has significant ties to the broader non-profit community in the San Francisco Bay Area and brings years of experience in the management of non-profits.

Paweł Pietrasieński, Ph.D.


Is a senior researcher at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw, Poland. His research is focused on the intersection of Economics and Entrepreneurships. Prior to returning the WSE, Pawel was the Minister Counselor in the Trade and Investment Section of the Polish Embassy in Washington DC, but will be returning to the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland.

As the Polish Trade representative to the United States, Pawel supervised the design and implementation of Poland’s equivalent of KIC – the POLSKA Silicon Valley Acceleration Center based in San Francisco – and the first Polish governmental multiphase acceleration program “Polish Silicon Bridge”.